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Declaration & Material of the Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2015

We who participated in the 2nd Social Entrepreneurship Forum on 9-10 November 2015; social economy enterprises, stakeholders as well as support organization for social economy and social enterprises – representing the rich diversity of the social economy, worked together, exchanged views and experiences and discussed the need and better opportunities for collaboration, networking and self-organisation of our community based on values, principles and a framework of common positions – through democratic, effective and open procedures, utilizing our own experiences but also those at European level.

The event provided a platform for the development of the necessary openness and trust, to stimulate dialogue on shared values and practices, opportunities and concerns, dissemination of good practices, learning from one another, both in Greece and elsewhere in Europe.

The Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2015 reached a Declaration, which will form the basis of a Framework Agreement of Principles and Values ​​and a Code of Conduct which we aspire to co-shape by March 2016 at the latest. It also includes a commitment to create a common on-line platform based on the principles of the Commons (Commons – Creative Commons) that will provide accurate and timely information about social enterprises and social economy and innovative tools for the communication of community members and coordination of networking and empowerment activities at local, regional and national level as well as for concerted presence in social media.

We believe that the 2nd Social Entrepreneurship Forum achieved significantly its objectives and that your contribution was particularly important. We would be delighted to have you on our side in the effort we make to showcase the Social Entrepreneurship Forum in an annual institution for dialogue, information and networking but also in becoming the capstone of coordinated and well organized joint actions and initiatives.

The Declaration is available on the website of the Forum, where the material produced and provided during the tow-day-event will be also published.

– Declaration

– Material

– Pictures

We would like to express our sincere and heartfelt appreciation for your active support in the Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2015.


The co-organisers

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